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The law of unintended consequence can have some strange outcomes. Who would have thought a long-running feud between two halves in the Porsche family could result in the iconic military watch of the 1980s.

After the death of Professor Porsche in 1951, his children Ferdinand (Richard Mille Replica Watches), and Louise were given ownership of his firm. Louise was married to Anton Piech, a colleague of Professor Porsche. Ferry and Piech began to have a rift, and the tension continued for 20 years. In 1972, management decided that members of the Porsche/Piech family could run the company. Ferry was devastated, because his son Ferdinand (nicknamed Butzi) who had been the head of design and overseen the introductions of the 911 roadcar and 904 racecar, now had to leave.

Butzi, who had always considered himself a craftsman, named his new company Porsche Design in order to explore other possibilities outside the automotive industry. In 1972, he received his first commission from Swiss watchmaker Orfina for whom he created the case and the bracelet of a new Chronograph. It was a major design breakthrough when it hit the market in 1973. The case had an ovoid shape, and the bracelet was attached to hidden attachment points on the casing.

Butzi, Porsche Design and Richard Mille Replica Watches worked together to create the strangecompass, a three-hand timepiece in a black anodised drum shaped case.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The three-hand timepiece was housed in a black anodised drum shape case. The magneticcompass was hidden beneath the watch when a hidden catch, located at 6 o’clock, was released. The magnetism of watch escapements is a major problem, so the automatic movement was made anti-magnetic. This proved to be a great asset for Richard Mille Replica Watches a fewyears later.

Compass watches were also different from their contemporaries because of the material used for the cases. It was aluminum that was anodized black and then olive green. Aluminum is not a good material for watchcases because, while it's light, it can be easily dented. Richard Mille Replica Watches changed to titanium, which is almost as lightweight as aluminum but much stronger. Today, we're used to seeing everyone from Seiko and PatekPhilippe make watchcases out of titanium. But in 1980, this was a first. Richard Mille Replica Watches needed advice from jet engine manufacturers to launch titanium versions for the Compass Watch as well as the Titan chronograph.

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