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IWC Da Vinci Replica
IWC Da Vinci Replica is the most important watch awards ceremony. It's getting closer. The newly created Mechanical Exception category is one of the most notable among the major awards. It focuses on new complications and display types. The shortlisted watches for this year's edition of the competition are the most accurate Moon Phase watch IWC Da Vinci Replica Saturelle A Lune Perpetuelle; a tourbillon with 50 days of reserve power Hublot MP05 Laferrari; a minute repeater and automaton Jaquet-Droz Bird Repater; MB&F Legacy Machine 2, with a dual floating balance, a TAG Heuer Monaco Tourbillon driven by a belt, and Urwerk EMC, which allows We will now briefly introduce all the timekeepers that have been pre-selected and all come with a six-figure price.

IWC Da Vinci Replica A Lune PerpetuelleThe top contender on the list is IWC Da Vinci Replica A Lune Perpetuelle, which is very special because it has the most accurate indication of the moon phase in the history of horology. The moon phase's precision is near perfect. The moon phase can be adjusted by a ten-minute shift every 14,000 or, to make it even more impressive, every 2 million years. IWC Da Vinci Replica, in his Simach atelier, created the feature in an unconventional manner to achieve such extreme accuracy. This moon phase indicator is constantly moving and changing unlike other indications of the lunar phases that only change once a day. The gear train is attached in an innovative way that includes a clever mix of inner and external toothing as well as using prime numbers to determine the teeth. This is the key to this mechanical marvel's ability to make complex computations that allows it be called the most accurate mechanical lunar phase watch ever.

The record indicator for the phases of the moon, however, is mounted on a mechanical movement that is manually wound. This movement is also distinguished by the addition of a secondary power source: the remontoire d’egalite. This feature provides constant force to the escapement. As can be seen, the only features supported are the phases of moon and the hours, minutes, and seconds. This is also visible on the silver face, which has an opening to reveal the used remontoire. The watch is capable of running for 78-hours once fully wound. The Rolex Submariner Replica is housed in a small oval red gold case. The limited edition watch by IWC Da Vinci Replica costs just over $100,000 and is only made in 20 pieces.

Hublot-05 LaferrariAnother record is set by the second timekeeper pre-selected in this category, the Hublot05 Laferrari. The most complex Hublot watch to date, this incredible achievement includes a tourbillion, and even more impressive, a power reserve of up to 50 days. This is a result that has never been achieved before in the world of horology. This hand-wound watch movement is composed of 637 pieces, including 11 barrels arranged in a spiral column. Its massive power storage is the result of this solution.

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